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The Raspberry Pi Automotive Interface HAT

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The CarPiHat has been designed to make interfacing your Raspberry Pi to your car, boat, truck, or any 12V based system much easier. Originally designed to help with my OpenAuto pro installation, demand grew for the board and I have decided to run a few batches of them. For anyone interested in purchasing a HAT, please do so via the Tindie link below:

Currently, the HAT is not open source, although at some point in the future I may explore this option further.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst I will do my best to support users of the CarPiHAT, I am not a software developer, and I am not able to provide custom software for your application.


  • 12V - 5V buck converter to power the pi optional touchscreen, with fuse and filtering.
  • Safe shutdown circuitry to allow the pi to control its own power, and to remove any parasitic drain when off.
  • Dedicated reverse, illumination and aux inputs, all opto isolated.
  • 2 opto isolated general purpose inputs. (for a total of 5 inputs)
  • 2 high current, high side switched 12V outputs (@1A). (for switching relays, LED's ect)
  • 1 independent CAN bus interface.
  • Real time clock to maintain system time across reboots.
  • Broken out I2C bus.
  • Broken out 1W for temperature sensor ect.
  • Long pins to allow HAT stacking.

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