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Présentation du dispositif[edit source]

This form will allow you to publicly submit (will be visible to the entire FabMob network) an idea of a common to be developed, a common already developed to benefit the entire FabMob network. The solutions submitted must be thought of as commons, that is to say open resources (free licenses, creative commons, etc.) and managed with shared governance with all the players concerned by this resource. If they were not open, you can deposit it as a “project” and not “common”.

These repositories able to enrich the wiki so that it becomes the most complete resource base possible in the field of mobility.

Concretely and according to the needs of the common to develop, FabMob can offer:

  • Access to its tools, exposition of the common to the community, search for partners/contributors, a community
  • An active community (Social networks), newletter, blog publication,
  • Advises and connection by the team with volunteers, members, experts,
  • Direct funding via a budget included in an agreement or via a fund, or indirect funding via a co-financed Challenge, the setting up of a project for a deposit in a call to project, via foundations, co-budget, crowdfunding, via a budget allocated to a community…

Propose a project to develop a common[edit source]

-> See all the commons already registered