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The General Bikeshare Feed Specification, known as GBFS, is the open data standard for bikeshare. GBFS makes real-time data feeds in a uniform format publicly available online, with an emphasis on findability.

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Under the North American Bikeshare Association’s leadership, GBFS has been developed by public, private sector and non-profit bike share system owners and operators, application developers, and technology vendors.

GBFS is intended as a specification for real-time, read-only data - any data being written back into individual bikeshare systems are excluded from this spec.

The specification has been designed with the following concepts in mind:

Provide the status of the system at this moment Do not provide information whose primary purpose is historical The data in the specification contained in this document is intended for consumption by clients intending to provide real-time (or semi-real-time) transit advice and is designed as such.

Organizations using or interested in using the resource: Le centre d’excellence des communs technologiques pour la mobilité, Mobility Data


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