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Short description: Kourtim is a Moroccan platform that streamlines and optimizes the logistics of freight transport

Full description: The problem: Lack of automatic merchandise tracking processes in a majority of the African transport companies solely relying on phone calls, text and emails for information flow of relating to delay of shipment and urgent deliveries.

The solution: The startup bridges the gap between all transport professionals through the online platform. Kourtim is a Moroccan platform that streamlines and optimizes the logistics of freight transport between the different actors. The solution helps companies control their real-time costs and transport flows, reduce empty kilometer travels and significantly increase their revenues. The startup is a unique platform for planning and managing real-time transport flows. It allows shipping companies to plan and control their shipments in just a few clicks.

State of development: Kourtim was founded in 2018 under the DEMO Africa initiative in Morocco.

Business model: A free trial is given out to any company wishing to try out the solution, a subscription fee is charged on a monthly basis plus consultation fees.

Ambition: The startup is setting up a team in France to launch another solution in Europe. The ambition is to connect Africa and Europe on a single platform and streamline exchanges between all the actors who ship to or from Africa and Europe.

Achievement: Kourtim was among the Top 5 selected African startups that took part in the 2019 edition of the Lions Innovation Tour in Silicon Valley from 25 May to 3 June. The startup was selected to be part of the DEMO Africa 2019 competitions in Casablanca, Morocco.

Within the context of Freight logistics in Africa: Freight logistics is limited by the complexity of the transaction processes. The startup solution simplifies all the complexity and allows companies to get rid of all the traditional tools (phone, mail, mouth-to-mouth) and move to more fluid flow management with their trucker drivers.

Appreciation: The startup is adapting to the modern technology of tracking transportation flows in Morocco. There are currently no startups that offer such technologies in Morocco and those existing are based on traditional tools (telephone and mail).

Links to know more: http://disrupt-africa.com/2018/10/5-startups-named-winners-at-demo-africa-in- morocco/

Text prepared by Jerry Rawlings Mbabali

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