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Full description: Municipalities across the country have joined together to create a new global non-profit organization called the Open Mobility Foundation to support the development of open-sourced software that provides scalable mobility solutions for cities.

The Open Mobility Foundation (OMF) is an open-source software foundation that creates a governance structure around open-source mobility tools, beginning with a focus on the Mobility Data Specification (MDS). By creating an open source foundation, OMF is able to offer a safe, efficient environment for stakeholders including municipalities, companies, technical, privacy, and policy experts, and the public to shape urban mobility management tools that help public agencies accomplish their mobility policy goals.

Announcing the Open Mobility Foundation’s Curb Management Working Group


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Theme: Données ouvertes, Logiciel Libre, Collectivité



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Countries of deployment: USA

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Type: Fondation



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Challenge(s): Accompagner une collectivité à ouvrir un maximum de ressources et construire un kit d'aide à l'innovation

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Common(s) proposed (under conditions): Mobility Data Specification

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Community(ies) of interest: Communauté du Stationnement de du curbspace

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