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Short description: SnooCODE is an addressing system built in Africa based in Accra, Ghana for the developing world.

Full description: The problem : Addressing is a real issue in Africa as most people don’t possess a postal address or as postal code don’t exist in some region of the continent. Finding a way, an address, meeting someone or be delivered goods or letter become a problem.

The solution : Founded in 2014 by Sesinam Dagadu, SnooCODE is an addressing system built in Africa based in Accra, Ghana for the developing world. It provides private and unique addresses for individuals and businesses that will supercharge logistics, commerce, postal services, emergency response and governance in supply chains by generating a 6-7 digit alphanumeric geolocation code, it acts like a post code. SnooCODE was designed from the ground up to work independent of the network infrastructure (even in phones witout sim-cards). This has implications for people in rural areas, urban dwellers on low incomes who can’t afford internet and mission critical functions like the police and ambulance which can’t afford to deal with network outages or lack of internet access etc.

State of development : Since the launched of SnooCODE the application, was downloaded only 15,000 times for a population of more that 4 million people. Indeed SMEs, individuals and NGOs use SnooCODE for deliveries or meetings. SnooCODE has integrated a product called FireFly which is a mobile application specifically for drones. It leverages on the drones development kit and the SnooCODE addressing system for location information (accuracy of less than 25cm). For the health sector, SnooCODE has developed SnooCODERED , an application designed for the Ghana National Ambulance Service in collaboration with Vodafone Ghana Foundation. SnooCODE team is composed of 8 persons.

Ambitions: SnooCODE wishes to get African governments to use its solution as the National addressing system, open African markets to big Commerce companies like Rakuten Amazon and AliBaba. It also want s to develop strategic partnerships that will increase SnooCODE adoption across emergency services

Achievements: SnooCODE is 2017 Coca Cola 'Next Big 6' Award Finalist , 2017 Winner British Council Study UK Alumni Awards – Entrepreneurial Award , 2016 Nominated for the Royal Academy of Engineering – Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, 2015 Recipient of the Vodafone Foundation Mobile for Good Grant , 2014 Winner of the African Content Award for m-Inclusion and Empowerment 2014 Winner of the World Summit Award for Mobile Content

Within the context of Digital solutions in Africa : SnooCODE is a revolution in the Digital solutions sector in Africa. It is a strong and potentially fast-growing solution to be watched closely in the near future. SnooCODE is making a difference by addressing a problem that national governments and local authorities haven’t yet managed to solve and for that it is making a huge impact in Accra inhabitants’ everyday lives.

Appreciation: SnooCODE ceased the opportunity in filling a market gap in Africa, which is the addressing system. A clever initiative that could easily extend to all Africa and help populations accessing multiple services (healthcare, delivery, social assistance, itinerary, mapping)

To know more : noms-de-rue-une-appli-genere-des-codes-pour-se-reperer-a-accra_5173469_3212.html

Text prepared by Charlène Kouassi

Tags: Géolocalisation, mobilité inclusive, Movin'On LAB Africa (OMA)

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