Webinar Mobility Data Specification

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Title: Webinar Mobility Data Specification

Event format: Webinar

Description: Organisé par Vianova. Programme : http://4b9j3.r.bh.d.sendibt3.com/mk/mr/XZDQP9aheZXWpb8eGBCHXZulsdMCSEn6kMSOREQFE8pAyzZ1ZQqF1J9pd5dkjwHPUbzntnH_VZOclYJGF2hRvQ_zbDTY13-pmNz8ff0MLw

Lien d'inscription : https://cicero905922.typeform.com/to/lJE8z8

Along with the benefits of micro-mobility and other new mobility solutions, cities face growing challenges as they integrate new and fast-developing modes of transportation. We invite you to a webinar that will answer the most burning practical and methodological questions, as well as give you a clear roadmap to how mobility operators and city officials can better collaborate in order to orchestrate mobility. With our partners FabMob, Jailbreak.Paris and Data.gouv we will help you navigate the ambiguous and chaotic world of mobility data.

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Tags: MDS, Open data, standard

Theme: Données ouvertes, Urbanisme et ville


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Participants: Vianova, FabMob

Day: 2020/01/22

Time: 18h

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Program: - What can cities do with the right mobility data? - How MDS can bring a new municipalist energy to cities? - Best practices and use cases for MDS integration and data sharing - How does GDPR come into play?